About Us & Dr Shalini Mohan

The Founder Director Dr. Shalini Mohan of Brown and White Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd. & Brown and White Herbal India Pvt. Ltd., is one of the most trusted names when it comes to personal-care solutions. She puts emphasis on keeping not just the outer body but also one’s soul healthy for a happy and prosperous life.

For Dr. Shalini, personal well-being always remained a subject of great importance. She reckons that human form is a blessing that we have attained and it is not just our responsibility but also our duty to keep the best care of our beauty, mind, and soul. To aware more and more people about the same, and also promote healthy and effective solutions amongst the masses, she started her career as a content creator on YouTube and eventually went on to set her own firm, known as Brown and White Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd. & Brown and White Herbal India Pvt. Ltd. The lady has been extending a supporting hand to millions of her followers and consumers of her brand in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which will eventually reflect in the overall well-being of their skin and soul. She is one of the most prominent and trusted names in the growing and budding nutraceuticals industry in India and has attained a number of laurels for the same. She is an inspiration to all those who want to follow their dreams and presents an exemplary reflection of hard work, dedication, and belief in self.

DEDICATED TO WELL-BEING a Ph.D. holder in Naturopathy, Dr. Shalini has extensively studied other disciplines & holds a Ph.D. in also Food Supplements & Vitamins, Gem Therapy & Crystal Healing, Chinese Medicines, and Bach Flower Remedies. She is a world-renowned naturopath and a weight loss specialist and has been an eminent TEDx speaker too. Her journey to being one of the most trusted names in the industry has been quite interesting. She started her medical career on YouTube in the year 2013, with the idea to share tips and tricks for attaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Today, she has crossed more than 3.5 million subscribers there and manages five different channels, which she has been efficiently running on her own. She is also helping women residing in remote areas of the country that don’t have access to or funds for big doctors. She teaches them a unique way of keeping themselves fit and healthy with natural home-based, kitchen based ingredients. Her vision is to promote health and fitness as a way of life and not optional things, which only people who have abundant resources can access as a hobby. She is working hard to achieve this dream. Her style of working and engaging with her digital audience as well as clients make her a trusted source and a kind companion to people seeking her help. With Brown and White Nutraceuticals she is into the business of manufacturing, trading, marketing, and distributing all kinds and varieties of cosmetics, non-prescribed drugs, health care products, FMCG Goods, beauty, and skincare products, food supplements, health aids, and glamour products.

WINNING LAURELS it is only natural that Dr. Shalini has won a number of awards & accolades for the fabulous work she has been doing in the sector. Her most prominent laurels include the International Innovation & Quality Crown Award in Gold Category at the BID London Convention 2018 for the innovation of Edible Sandalwood Oil – One drop Magic & her other researches; International Star Award for Quality (ISAQ Award) Convention in Platinum Category in Geneva 2019; “Excellence In Naturopathy” 2019 at Dubai as well as the Business Excellence Award; The Bizz Trophy” 2019, Amsterdam; “Excellence in Quality and Management” Award by Europe Business Assembly, Oxford at Cannes 2019 in France; “Times Inspiring Entrepreneurs” Award by The Times of India 25th March 2020. She is committed to working harder & delivering more successful results to keep the winning spree going and extending her client base.

Dr Shalini

Our Achievements

  • International Innovation & Quality Crown Award in Gold Category at the BID London Convention 2018 for the “innovation of Edible Sandalwood Oil – One drop Magic” and her other researches.
  • International Star Award for “Quality (ISAQ Award)” Platinum Category in Geneva 2019.
  • “Excellence in Naturopathy”2019 at Dubai as well as the Business Excellence Award.
  • “The Bizz Trophy”2019, Amsterdam.
  • “Excellence in Quality and Management”Award by Europe Business Assembly at Cannes 2019.
  • “Best Advisor in Naturopathy” Award at The Business Awards & Summit 2019, Azerbaijan.
  • “Times Inspiring Entrepreneurs” Award by The Times of India 25thMarch 2020.
  • “Achievement Award in Medical and Healthcare”Category By European Business Award – Achievement Forum, Oxford 17th April 2020.
  • “Asia’s 40 under 40 Most Influential Leaders”